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We provide Traditional Ayurvedic medicines & remedies in your home

VIDREAM Oryly Qube is a way of conscious living built on a foundation of herbal remedies of Indian origin that is reliable for healthy body and mind. It brings together brands, products and individuals that create a world where all living beings can co-exist harmoniously. We hope to make this a collective movement that will be the driving force in creating change in health and fitness patterns by providing alternative solutions for a sustainable lifestyle
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“VIDREAM ORYLY wants to make Ayurvedic , herbal wellness a part of every home worldwide. We aim to be the most trusted Brand in herbal healthcare and we are loved for our ethics, values ​​and commitment to sustainability. We want to spread awareness about how to live healthier lives not only through medication, but also through sharing knowledge about Ayurvedic remedies and solutions.


“To Build a platform that is dedicated to promote natural herbs and benefit sharing with the common man and convey the message of “Holistic Remedies Using Herbs” for healthy body and mind.

Our Story

The firm was founded with an innovative idea from Mr. Gurinder Saran for his interest and passion to provide ayurvedic ,herbal solutions/products that perfect match for your health and needs.

We have so many Ayurvedic (Personal care, Foot & Drink, House hold, Health care supplements) products on the list and having product range is now more than 100.

NOTE From Owner : - The First Wealth is Health is a word that close to my heart that nourish myself and my family. This gave fire to spiritual light , from with in which gave me a deep peace - A connection to myself and my relationship with nature and humanity. I seek to introduce the way to stay healthy , Build good habits with us in no time.
Gurinder Saran
Founder, Owner
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